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Do you have a story that:

  • Describes your experience solving a water quality problem through the use of science, technology, stakeholder engagement, or regulation?
  • Explains how a resource or online tool was used to solve or address a watershed issue?
  • Highlights novel ways that an organization, program, or person is working to solve water-related challenges at the watershed scale?
Why Model Your Watershed?

Why Model Your Watershed?

Environmental organizations and educators are finding more and more emphasis on how to protect our watersheds, monitor them, and bring ...
Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The Relativeness of Water

In the cosmology of Indigenous cultures, “water is life” holds a deeper, ancient, implicit value beyond its mainstream context ...
Pollution intolerant Stonefly (Family – Chloroperlidae; Genus – Alloperla)

How to See a Stream: Part Two, Stream Monitoring and Impairment

What can one do to help a stream recover from pollution, protect a stream from degradation, or simply understand what ...
Autumn leaves in a flowing stream.

How to See a Stream: Part One, Stream Health Dynamics

Streams and the valleys they drain are complex environments. This complexity makes regulating, restoring, and protecting these aquatic systems a ...
Pete Goodman.

An Interview With Pete Goodman

Wisdom and advice on watershed protection from a prodigious environmental leader you've (possibly) never heard of ...
Saving Primrose Creek

Saving Primrose Creek

It is January 30, 2021, at 1:35 PM (UTC-5:00). In two hours, streamflow at Phillips Mill, Solebury Township, Bucks County, ...
Persistence is the Salt of Stream Stewardship

Persistence is the Salt of Stream Stewardship

In this article I describe the process I have used over the past two years in responding to my field ...
Parking lot outflow to an icy stream.

Investigating Road Salt and Deicer Stream Contamination During a Snowstorm

Understanding the patterns and timing of road salt and deicers entering local streams is important for providing feedback to local ...