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  • StreamStats provides access to spatial analytical tools that are useful for water-resources planning and management, and for engineering and design purposes. The map-based user interface can be used to delineate […]

  • Carol,
    I greatly appreciate your comment. We can never stop learning from what is unknown to our conscious minds.
    And there are so many ways to learn.
    Stay well and strong!

  • Thank you David for describing the linkages of our streams to our natural world through the lives of aquatic wildlife, and how we are dependent on their ‘activities of daily living’ to have a stream that is a […]

  • It has taken centuries for our U.S. society to begin to acknowledge that we have missed out on critical knowledge and experience living within a human monoculture of ideas and beliefs. Thank you Jacqline for your […]

  • I’m so glad you liked ModelMyWatershed. It’s a great tool! And it definitely benefits decision making to think on the watershed level. Thanks for all you do to help educate children and adults!

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  • Water Reporter is an app that connects people and organizations working to protect watersheds. The social network of users collect and share water observations and watershed information in an effort to build […]

  • The Water Data Collaborative was created by a partnership of water-focused environmental organizations to “organize community water science resources, and practitioners, as well as create new and helpful tools […]

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides an online tool for exploring watersheds called How’s My Waterway? How’s My Waterway incorporates and expands upon content from the EPA’s Surf Your Watershed tool […]

  • A decade ago, I began to tailor watershed education into my children’s environmental program. At the outset, this was spurred by my knowledge of fracking in Pennsylvania and bumping into an impressive National G […]

  • In a bold, first instance in the United States, the Yurok Tribe of Northern California in 2019 passed a tribal ordinance declaring the Klamath River to possess the “rights of personhood,” a legal designation pro […]

  • This story is the second in a two-part series (read part one here) offering a brief overview of stream ecology and monitoring. Though initially written for a fly-fishing audience in southeastern P […]

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  • This story is the first in a two-part series (read part two here) offering a brief overview of stream ecology and monitoring. Though initially written for a fly-fishing audience in southeastern P […]

  • Wisdom and Advice on Watershed Protection From a Prodigious Environmental Leader You’ve (Possibly) Never Heard Of

    Photo of Pickering Creek by Matthew Brink, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

    Introductory […]

    • Thank you Carol for the excellent article about Pete, his story and his meritorious efforts.
      You have made him visible :-). As a young lad I too frolicked and played in Cobbs Creek.

      Our Primrose watershed is underlined by limestone and has had numerous spikes of chloride in our EnviroDIY conductivity measurements this year. We will be advising the township to be vigilant and aware of storage and distribution.

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  • Uh-oh! Alert! Water Depth Dropping!

    It is January 30, 2021, at 1:35 PM (UTC-5:00). In two hours, streamflow at Phillips Mill, Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has dropped three inches in depth, […]

    • Thanks, Francis, for sharing this information! You mentioned that the high school students at the Solebury School perform macroinvertebrate/pollution tolerance index testing. Do you know if they are doing leaf pack projects? Macroinvertebrate data collected by Leaf Pack Network ( groups can now be entered in the Monitor My Watershed data portal. That would be a nice addition to your EnviroDIY Monitoring Station real-time data.

    • Hi Heather,
      Goody goody goody!
      This information will get Jeremy Pfancook and Phyllis Arnold ,2 environmental teachers, excited.
      Our two schools are definitely ready to join the leaf pack network.
      When I wrote the article piece about the quarry pump failing for 19 days, I remembered thinking what a disaster the high school environmental PTI lab at Phillips MillI was going to be.
      I was thinking in the back my mind…. the leaf pack may save the day… but I didn’t really believe it until I saw our number 27 PTI 🙂

      I was just talking to the teachers and trying to figure out how to get a significant number of kids out of virtual school and into getting mud on their 🥾. Thank you for all your support.

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