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Persistence is the Salt of Stream Stewardship

Persistence is the Salt of Stream Stewardship

In this article I describe the process I have used over the past two years in responding to my field ...
Parking lot outflow to an icy stream.

Investigating Road Salt and Deicer Stream Contamination During a Snowstorm

Understanding the patterns and timing of road salt and deicers entering local streams is important for providing feedback to local ...

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Water Reporter

Water Reporter is an app that connects people and organizations working to protect watersheds. The social network of users collect and share water observations and watershed information in an effort to build monitoring campaigns and ...

Water Data Collaborative

The Water Data Collaborative was created by a partnership of water-focused environmental organizations to "organize community water science resources, and practitioners, as well as create new and helpful tools to guide users through the entire ...

How’s My Waterway?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides an online tool for exploring watersheds called How's My Waterway? How's My Waterway incorporates and expands upon content from the EPA's Surf Your Watershed tool which was decommissioned after ...

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