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Water flowing over rocks in a stream.

Tools for Engaging With Municipalities and the Public on Freshwater Issues

Guidance Documents The Delaware River Basin Policy and Practice Workgroup has developed guidance documents to provide foundational science references for environmental advocates collecting stream data...

Pennsylvania Watershed Organizations Interactive Map

Searching for a watershed organization near you? This online mapping tool can help you find a community watershed organization, watershed alliance, or regional partner. These organizations can help yo...

USGS StreamStats

StreamStats provides access to spatial analytical tools that are useful for water-resources planning and management, and for engineering and design purposes. The map-based user interface can be used t...

Water Reporter

Water Reporter is an app that connects people and organizations working to protect watersheds. The social network of users collect and share water observations and watershed information in an effort t...

Water Data Collaborative

The Water Data Collaborative was created by a partnership of water-focused environmental organizations to “organize community water science resources, and practitioners, as well as create n...

How’s My Waterway?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides an online tool for exploring watersheds called How’s My Waterway? How’s My Waterway incorporates and expands upon content from the EP...

Why Model Your Watershed?

Environmental organizations and educators are finding more and more emphasis on how to protect our watersheds, monitor them, and bring together the data that will tell us the most important element of...

Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The Relativeness of Water

In the cosmology of Indigenous cultures, “water is life” holds a deeper, ancient, implicit value beyond its mainstream context.

Pollution intolerant Stonefly (Family – Chloroperlidae; Genus – Alloperla)

How to See a Stream: Part Two, Stream Monitoring and Impairment

What can one do to help a stream recover from pollution, protect a stream from degradation, or simply understand what the issues and risks are?

Autumn leaves in a flowing stream.

How to See a Stream: Part One, Stream Health Dynamics

Streams and the valleys they drain are complex environments. This complexity makes regulating, restoring, and protecting these aquatic systems a complicated process.

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