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Water flowing over rocks in a stream.

Tools for Engaging With Municipalities and the Public on Freshwater Issues

Guidance Documents The Delaware River Basin Policy and Practice Workgroup has developed guidance documents to provide foundational science references for environmental advocates collecting stream data and communicating results to local government officials. The target readership for these documents is the stream monitoring community in the Delaware River Basin, but the workgroup hopes others may benefit as well. The workgroup strongly believes environmental advocates must understand the science and issues under discussion. Therefore, the documents are detailed and rigorous so advocates can engage in confident and informed dialogue. Example Communication Materials Though some are geography-specific, these flyers, brochures, fact sheets, and presentations can serve as inspiration for producing materials to share with municipal governments and the public. Brochures, Fact Sheets, and Flyers PowerPoint Presentations Feedback If you have questions or comments about the documents, please leave a reply on this post.

Photo of a group of watershed volunteers next to a stream.

Scientific Technical Assistance to Pennsylvania-Based Watershed and Conservation Organizations

The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds is a team of specialists who provide free organizational and scientific technical assistance to Pennsylvania-based watershed and conservation organizations. C-SAW does not conduct watershed monitoring or assessments. Instead, C-SAW helps watershed organizations do a better job with their own monitoring and assessments. C-SAW can help your group: Learn how to assess watershed health Identify solutions Develop monitoring programs, protection plans, and restoration projects  C-SAW assistance is provided at no cost to qualified applicants. Learn more or apply for help.