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  • Uh-oh! Alert! Water Depth Dropping!

    It is January 30, 2021, at 1:35 PM (UTC-5:00). In two hours, streamflow at Phillips Mill, Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has dropped three inches in depth, […]

    • Thanks, Francis, for sharing this information! You mentioned that the high school students at the Solebury School perform macroinvertebrate/pollution tolerance index testing. Do you know if they are doing leaf pack projects? Macroinvertebrate data collected by Leaf Pack Network ( groups can now be entered in the Monitor My Watershed data portal. That would be a nice addition to your EnviroDIY Monitoring Station real-time data.

    • Hi Heather,
      Goody goody goody!
      This information will get Jeremy Pfancook and Phyllis Arnold ,2 environmental teachers, excited.
      Our two schools are definitely ready to join the leaf pack network.
      When I wrote the article piece about the quarry pump failing for 19 days, I remembered thinking what a disaster the high school environmental PTI lab at Phillips MillI was going to be.
      I was thinking in the back my mind…. the leaf pack may save the day… but I didn’t really believe it until I saw our number 27 PTI 🙂

      I was just talking to the teachers and trying to figure out how to get a significant number of kids out of virtual school and into getting mud on their 🥾. Thank you for all your support.

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