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  • Thank you David for describing the linkages of our streams to our natural world through the lives of aquatic wildlife, and how we are dependent on their ‘activities of daily living’ to have a stream that is a […]

  • It has taken centuries for our U.S. society to begin to acknowledge that we have missed out on critical knowledge and experience living within a human monoculture of ideas and beliefs. Thank you Jacqline for your […]

  • Wisdom and Advice on Watershed Protection From a Prodigious Environmental Leader You’ve (Possibly) Never Heard Of

    Photo of Pickering Creek by Matthew Brink, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

    Introductory […]

    • Thank you Carol for the excellent article about Pete, his story and his meritorious efforts.
      You have made him visible :-). As a young lad I too frolicked and played in Cobbs Creek.

      Our Primrose watershed is underlined by limestone and has had numerous spikes of chloride in our EnviroDIY conductivity measurements this year. We will be advising the township to be vigilant and aware of storage and distribution.

  • In this article I describe the process I have used over the past two years in responding to my field observations of inadequately protected road salt piles during winter in southeastern Pennsylvania.

    Some […]

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